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About Us
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About Us

We start every project with an in-depth consultation and analysis of your current business, then generate the key insights required as the strategic pillars for building your customized proposal.
These Insights also serve to point the way to what will be the game-changer as your business continues to grow and develop. In phase one, we identify what’s most urgent to your business today and requires top priority. This phase includes essential problem-solving in key operational areas of your process, beginning with your website functionality.


The next phase lays the groundwork for future growth.


We work with your team to map out long-range objectives, then craft and implement the specific steps that will make these objectives a rewarding reality for your business.


Once we establish the immediate needs of your business, we can then build in the projected plans to follow for continued growth. At Mattisante, we work to become an extension of your team. We offer education and training to your in-house staff throughout the process, so that we can transition seamlessly when the initiatives defined in our proposal have been successfully completed. We continue to make our expertise available to you on a consulting and as needed bases. 
We are an extension of your team

We are an extension of your team

Today’s dynamic digital environment is abbreviated. It’s personal. And it’s driven by visual storytelling. To cut through the online noise requires a flawless message, flawlessly delivered every time.


Let’s Talk

No one client has the same requirements, customization is key and requires clear and precise dialogue with measurable goals. We are here to discuss your service needs and what it will entail to propel your business to the next level digitally. 

Technology Consultant

Nazeli Pogosyan

Co-founder & CMO

Cheryl Snodgrass

Product Development Manager

Casey Sawaia

Social Media Director

Brittany Barnes

Social Media & Design

Marsha Gonzalez

Design Director

Jessica Jennings-Dionson

Social Media & Design

Earl Jennings-Dionson

Fulfillment & Customer Service

Josh Rodriguez

Google Ads Engineer

Alex Pogosyan

Director of Branding Strategy

Cynthia Hannah

Fulfillment & Call Center Manager

Marianne Tavake

Content Writer

Abby Rosenthal

Fulfillment & Call Center Ambassador

Alexis Krbec

Global Sales Director

Tina Maskan

Account Executive

Annie Fonseca