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Be Our Guest! – The Power of WiFi Marketing
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Be Our Guest! – The Power of WiFi Marketing

Be Our Guest! – The Power of WiFi Marketing

Have you ever wondered why store and café owners offer Free WiFi? It is a great added value that encourages customers to remain in establishments longer and ultimately purchase. But, there are many more reasons why businesses offer this amenity than you might expect.

WiFi Marketing Defined

This search engine marketing (SEM) tool is one of many forms of digital marketing services employed to attract more visitors to websites and storefronts to increase sales.

When a restaurant, or other type of brick and mortar retailer provides free internet access to their customers, they are doing it as part of their brand marketing strategy.

It is a means for businesses to deliver specific content, plus serves as way to collect authorized customer data, such as an email address or phone number.

Benefits of WiFi Marketing

WiFi marketing allows a direct connection between customers and businesses via an advertising method that few customers will recognize. This subtlety helps increase consumer receptivity to the messages a business may want to convey. Most consumers perceive this approach to be less intrusive than other forms of marketing, making it extremely effective for increasing client acquisition and retention.

WiFi marketing is ideal for all businesses as it is an inexpensive way to grow your client base quickly and attract future customers.

If you are looking for marketing with a phenomenal ROI that will help free you up to focus on conducting your regular business activities, WiFi marketing is a great choice.

When a customer connects, the marketing will appear! The automation feature makes this digital service truly on demand. Now that they have tapped into a retailer’s WiFi, they are able to receive multiple types of messages in real time including:

  • Announcements
  • Coupons & Discounts
  • Promotions
  • Upsell Opportunities
  • Surveys
  • And more!

WiFi marketing drives customer reviews and is shown to increase repeat customer visits through email marketing.

With all of these vital benefits, it is now considered a necessity as it facilitates the development of a cohesive omnichannel, which business need to stay competitive within their given marketplace.

WiFi Marketing Stats

People’s reliance on the internet is a huge factor that makes this digital service important to businesses.

Studies show that approximately 96% of diners and shoppers favor locations that offer free WiFi, a feature that significantly increases their likelihood of a return visit. A further study shows that nearly 60% of consumers will only frequent venues that provide WiFi access. The customer feels like they are getting something for free, and happy is to provide their valuable data. This is really a win-win for both the consumer and the business.

WiFi Marketing Options

Businesses can provide internet access through a designated WiFi router. Mattisante provides hardware to facilitate added security and allow for a separate customer only port.

Customers, as well as those in the immediate proximity are able to input their email or phone number and gain access to the internet.

It can be set up so that once a shopper selects your WiFi network, a splash page will appear featuring any information the business wants to communicate to their consumer. Most businesses will request an email address or phone number prior to granting internet access.

WiFi Marketing Gets Results

The Mattisante team has seen a great return from email marketing for its clients and recommends asking for email addresses upon granting WiFi access to customers. On average, our clients are able to obtain 1,000 emails within 4 months of WiFi Marketing implementation.

This valuable source of email data collection provides the opportunity to enhance the power of email marketing, which boasts an average conversion rate of 15%, making it the most productive SEM brand marketing strategy to date.

How it Works + What We Do

Mattisante provides a robust Wifi router that functions as an internet hotspot for guests.  Clients simply plug this separate router into their electrical outlet and connect it to an internet modem. This type of setup is typically more secure than allowing guests to login to the same WiFi network used for the companies’ payment gateways and POS systems.

During our client setup phase, we design and program a branded login page or pop up message, which can be as simple as saying “Thank you for being a client. Please provide your email to login to our Guest WiFi”.

Our proprietary platform has the ability to connect directly into your email platform (i.e. Mailchimp, Klaviyo, etc.) and directly transfer customer emails into a designated email list. This type of setup will allow for seamless and ongoing email campaign and other digital efforts.

WiFi Marketing is Affordable

There is a one-time setup fee that includes the hardware rental or purchase, we offer both options and a monthly management fee that includes complete access to your dashboard and suite of marketing tools. Features of our dashboard include an editable terms and conditions statement that your guest will consent to prior to continuing on with your WiFi service, access to aggregate reviews and directly have them posted to Google or Facebook and visibility to your customer data, along with other like features.

As a digital marketing agency that aims to provide a diverse portfolio of effective digital services, we frequently recommend WIFI marketing to brick and mortar clients.  Connecting and communicating with your customers directly provides an easy, cost-effective way to increase your client base and ROI.


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