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Value of Ecommerce for Salons and Spas

If your salon or spa business has a website, adding an online store that features the products you carry is an ideal way to amplify your revenue and diversify your channel. Many salon and spa owners have held off setting up their own shop for a


The Google Ad Value Equation

Advertising goes back to ancient civilizations, as even then, people knew they had to promote their products and services to succeed. Businesses wanting to increase revenue must discard the notion that paying for ads to earn business equates to cheating, as it is a mathematical


ZMOT: Zero Moment of Truth

Buying takes place in four cycles, each with a progressive level of awareness and commitment. As the internet has become a predominant factor in the buying process, the phase in the buying cycle that precedes the consumer making the decision to buy has been dramatically


The Science of Email Marketing

We are all too familiar with the flooded personal inbox, emails you are receiving for a reason. Email marketing works. Period. Business owners looking to elevate their business to the next level need to utilize this internet marketing service as it is one of the


Google My Business Update – COVID-19

Our clients are currently facing a multitude of challenges that affect how they operate and market their business due to the unprecedented fallout from COVID-19, now and moving forward. With Google being responsible for 90% of all digital search worldwide, we want to make sure that


Google My Business Introduction Guide

Since the advent of the internet, any brand that doesn’t include a digital brand strategy is incomplete. With printed directories being a thing of the past, it is a simple fact that in order for a business to be successful in our digital era, they must


Common Digital Agency Questions?

If you’re a business owner with a presence in the digital space, you already understand that staying relevant and competitive is key to driving new business while maintaining a great reputation amongst your existing customers. Some questions to ask might include: How do I drive traffic? What should