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The Google Ad Value Equation
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The Google Ad Value Equation

The Google Ad Value Equation

Advertising goes back to ancient civilizations, as even then, people knew they had to promote their products and services to succeed. Businesses wanting to increase revenue must discard the notion that paying for ads to earn business equates to cheating, as it is a mathematical given that honest advertising pays. Business owners wanting to grow their revenue stream should look no further than Google Ads.

Google Ads Defined

Unlike our familiarity with newspaper and magazine ads of the 19th and 20th centuries, digital advertising and Google ads are still a foreign concept to many. Simply put, Google ads are a form of advertising that appears on a digital platform (in lieu of printed format) and operates on pay-per-click fee structure.

These ads contain strategic keywords with brief compelling content, images or videos to capture the attention of potential customers, and are one of the most popular forms of search engine marketing today.

Google Ads Goals + Benefits

If you want to grow your business, you need to be the main business potential customers find when searching online for your product or service category. Google ads is a key brand strategy that is undoubtedly the quickest way to digitally introduce your business to potential customers via Google Search and Maps.

The goal of running a Google Ad campaign is to ensure your location is found by consumers with an intent to purchase your services and ability to quickly contact your business.

This form of digital advertising can be a particularly quick and profitable internet marketing service when strategically managed and executed. Google Ad campaigns are keyword search based and help make your website quickly findable to potential consumers who:

  • Are searching google
  • Have a specific intent for your products and services,
  • Are within a given location
  • Meet pre-identified demographics

Working with an online marketing agency like Mattisante is a surefire way to help your brand become visible to potential consumers. Our Google Ad experts on staff employ a proven strategy that helps effectively drive this traffic to your site and yield top conversion rates and profits.

Google Ads Statistics

Google is the inarguable authority dominating internet searches today, with approximately 3.5 billion Google searches daily. With these extraordinary numbers of people frequenting this search engine, Google Ads is likely the most lucrative form of search engine marketing.

The statistics prove that brick and mortar local businesses, enterprise level and e-commerce businesses can all benefit by running Google Ads.


  • Google Ads entice 55% of consumers to conduct a branded search according to a recent study.
  • Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.
  • Google Ads can produce returns up to 8x the initial investment.

We recommend combining Google Ads with SEO, a less expensive, organic means of acquiring new business that takes time to gain traction, to create a well-rounded short and long-term brand strategy.

Target + Customize Options

In contrast with print ads that saw more general traffic decades ago, these ads can be tailored to specifically target more people that your services or products appeal to.

Google ads can be customized with features to direct more customers to your website, increase phone calls with click-to-call buttons, and target your ideal area and customer, at the right time.

Once you determine your marketing budget, goals and what you want to convey to your potential customer our SEM marketing team can help you decide what type of ad campaign would be the best solution for your immediate business needs.

Just as in real estate, it can be all about location and timing! We can specify where your ad will appear across the internet, be it above, beside or below Google Search results, on YouTube and, of course, in Google Maps searches. With the Google Smart Technology we can dictate the timing of your ads to capitalize on the precise time someone starts searching for your category and in conjunction with your current business hours.

How Google Ads Work

Google features your business ad in rotation with other businesses and when a potential consumer searches a pre-identified keyword within a given location and demographic; the advertiser only pays when that unique consumer clicks on the ad. To set up Google Ads, Mattisante SEM specialists work with our clients to determine the best monthly spend budget, which is applied towards each Ad Campaign. Our team utilizes Google Analytics and data provided by our customers to ensure that we are using all available resources in customizing your Google Ad Campaign.

We will unite our experience with your preferences to design and execute an ad that will yield an optimal return on your investment (ROI) and competitive conversion rates.



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